Who We Are….

The mission of the Joe Cain Marching Society is…..

To provide for charitable, entertainment, scientific and educational purposes and objects;

To provide an open atmosphere for citizens of the city and visitors alike, whether individuals, families or groups, to participate freely in the annual Joe Cain Procession “peoples’ procession” with no expectation of having to pay a fee or to join a society to do so in accordance with the purposes established in 1868 by Joe Cain and as reaffirmed by Julian Lee Rayford in 1967 when he began the “holiday for all the people”.

To promote the cultivation of refined and innocent amusement for the city of Mobile, its environs and beyond; To promote positive public participation in and awareness of the history and spirit of Joe Cain and his vision while always being aware of Cain’s own admonition: “Have A Good Time But Don’t Get Bad!”

Marching Society Board Members

Marcher Emeritus – Wayne Dean
Head Marcher – Gerald Tomlinson


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